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UEFA Champions League 2016/17 Group A(rsenal): Gunners draw winnable group

This could be fun!

Champions League Draw For Adidas
UEFA draw ping pong ball (actual size)
Photo by Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images

The Champions League ping pong balls were bounced around today, and Arsenal’s group was determined. This year in the group stages, Arsenal will face PSG, Basel, and Ludogorets. I know we say this most years, but this looks like a pretty winnable group - PSG aren’t as good as they were, Basel is tricky but should be beatable, and Ludogorets from Bulgaria, which I know nothing about but, y’know, Bulgaria.

Winning the group isn’t just nice from a bragging standpoint - since the current CL format was adopted, the overwhelming majority of teams that have advanced past the Round of 16 have been group winners, and in that 13 seasons, only three group runners-up have won the Champions League. So, winning the group is definitely a priority.

We will have much more on the teams in the group as the first match day approaches.