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Deportivo rumored to have accepted Arsenal bid for Lucas Perez

A very reliable Deportivo source is indicating Lucas Perez is on the verge of leaving Deportivo for the Gunners.

On the way?
On the way?
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2016 Arsenal Summer Transfer Window Tracker

What started out yesterday as a tenuous link appears to have become the opposite of tenuous extremely quickly, as one of the strongest, most reliable Deportinvo sources is indicating Arsenal is on the verge of signing Deportivo forward Lucas Perez:

Lucas will no longer be player of Deportivo shortly. His fate will be the Arsenal. The English club will pay 20 million euros of its clause and the player will sign his new contract in the next few hours. Although there were several British clubs in the last hours showed interest, Arsenal is which he has achieved both ok entity headed by Tino Fernandez as the player himself, that his current tab will be increased enormously.

As we like to say around here, watch this space for more coverage on Lucas Perez. €20 million for a player described by our resident La Liga expert bozz as "a better Jamie Vardy" is pretty damn good business. This time around, it appears the player in question isn't nearly as undecided where his future might lay.