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Mustafi update no. 2309578: more rumors

another tweet, another story.

Germany - Training & Press Conference
running out of recent pics because SO MANY RUMOR STORIES
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

This Mustafi thing has gone long past saga stage, and has now descended into farce - not the actual transfer, which seems to be going...or not going...or something, but the “reporting” and information swirling around the transfer, which seems very disjointed and unmoored from reality in a lot of cases. There’s the usual will he/won’t he, but then there’s also his dad saying nothing’s happening, the rumors of a €50 million price tag, the Valencia club president denying contact was ever made, etc.

Well, we can throw another dirty sock onto that particular laundry pile today:

So many caveats here - Kaveh Solhekol’s not exactly a trusted source, there’s no further story or attribution about this, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard almost this same thing - but the fact that the £26M price seems to be fairly consistent throughout most of these crazy rumors is...something? Nothing? A small anchor of reality in a sea of garbage? I don’t know, but the transfer window shuts in a week and I kinda can’t wait.