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Is Riyad Mahrez Arsenal bound?

Tenuous sources think so. What do we think?

International Champions Cup 2016 - Paris Saint-Germain v Leicester City
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Today is apparently Crazy Arsenal Rumor Day, because late this afternoon, this happened:

Now, if you’re like me, your first question is “what the eff is a Hugh Wizzy and why should I trust it?” And my answer to that is...I don’t know. I’m not sure where he relates on the reliability scale, I just know he’s been around a while and he has followers, so.

But then, there’s also this - a piece from Sportwitness breaking down an article from an Algerian source purportedly talking about Mahrez’ intentions. It basically says that Mahrez wants to leave, that Arsene has talked to his agent, and from those two points of uncorroborated information, draws the same conclusion as the estimable Mr. Wizzy up above there.

I am not about to sit here and say ZOMG THIS IS TOTALLY GONNA HAPPEN; there’s a lot of twists and turns left in the transfer season road, and this might just be a broken down out of service rest stop on that particular highway. But Mahrez is an intriguing player, which makes this a somewhat intriguing story to pass along.