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Arsenal to loan out Joel Campbell

The Costa Rican is indeed getting out while he can.

2016 MLS All-Star Game: Arsenal v MLS All-Stars Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Arsenal fans are tonight confronting the club’s further descent into crisis, with Joel Campbell about to be loaned out to Sporting Lisbon according to reports in Portugal. A portion of the club’s support are finding it unacceptable that Wenger is dumping a player who some called to “Leave, do the best thing leave, get out while you can” just two years ago. The loaning out of Arsenal’s 6th choice right-winger is the final straw for some fans, with one fan claiming, “we deserve to fall out of the top 4 the way things are going”, and another saying, “It’s a disgrace we’re loaning him. He’s been horribly mistreated”.

Quite how someone who’s been paid by Arsenal Football Club to play football, and has been deemed not good enough for the club has been mistreated remains to be seen. Campbell played 30 times last season, but only scored 4 times. Despite the claims of some that he’s “10 times better than Ox and Theo”, he scored 5 fewer times than Walcott, and he simply lacks any outstanding attributes.

While some Arsenal fans kept their cool, and rationally asked why Campbell was being loaned out, instead of outright sold, there was further anger at the selling of a 24-year old who has only once scored above 10 goals in a season, while other players have been kept on. When reached for comment, the Angry At Anything Arsenal Fan Brigade could only respond, “I can’t believe he’s kept deadwood like that donkey Gee-roo for nearly 5 years but he’s selling Our Joel. It just goes to show what he’s become now.”