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Friday might be Mustafi Day

This thing might be heading for a fantastic finish.

Germany - Training & Press Conference
is he trapped in there?
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

We’ve been talking about Shkodran Mustafi seemingly since about 1978 for a few weeks now. But after all that talk, late this afternoon, this became a thing:

In that tweet was a bit of news that I’m not sure we knew before, that Mustafi is battling an injury and the club wanted to see how quickly he’d recover before finalizing the deal. But they appear to be satisfied with the answer that was given, because according to this, the deal gets done tomorrow pending his passing a medical.

It sounds like he has a “muscle strain”, which I don’t really know what that means but it doesn’t sound bad, and is certainly better than the back injury Arsenal knew about when they signed Kim Kallstrom - they’ll obviously expect Mustafi to play sooner rather than later, and presumably wouldn’t sign him if they thought he wouldn’t be able to play for an extended period of time.

So, while nothing’s set in stone yet, it looks like the stonecutting tools are poised to chip off some rock here in the very near future.

UPDATE 8.45PM PT: after checking around based on some comments and other research, this source is...probably not the best. And there was a legitimate reason Mustafi missed training, which had nothing to do with Arsenal. So, I should have led with the grain of salt, but now I’m finishing up with it - I’m not going to say that the whole story is false, because we just don’t know, but the lesson here is don’t rush. We’ll have more as we know more.