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Danny Welbeck will be back sooner than originally thought

Good news!

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West Ham United v Arsenal - Premier League
yay good news!
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

When Arsenal signed Danny Welbeck, I predicted in these pages that he’d find his form and score 20 goals a season for Arsenal, after a long and frustrating apprenticeship and career start at Manchester United. It...hasn’t worked out that way, of course, and while I still think he’s a good player, I do feel a bit silly having predicted that.

His Arsenal career has been decent, but was injured after 20 minutes in May against Manchester City; the damage was extensive enough that it was feared he would miss at least nine months if not more.

But now comes word that, post-surgery and midway through rehab, his recovery is going much faster than expected; he had an examination of some “inflammation” to the recovering knee, and it was discovered that he was healing faster and better than originally hoped. It is now expected he’ll be back around Christmas, instead of the original estimate of February or March.

For all the bad injury news Arsenal have had lately, this is a welcome piece of good news.