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Rumored Arsenal transfer target Mahrez signs with Leicester

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Hull City v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The long-running "will he or won't he" saga involving Leicester winger Riyad Mahrez has apparently ended, according to BBC Sport, with the reigning FA Player of the Year pledging his fortunes to the Foxes through the 2020 season. Some observers of the transfer window rumor saga suspected that Mahrez's agent might have been using Arsenal "interest" as a bargaining chip in getting Mahrez a new contract. That just might be bearing out.

There may or may not be a deal for Valencia defender Shkrodan Mustafi still in the works, though today’s transfer rumors were dominated by (as the Telegraph had it) a fanciful £40m bid for Atletico Madrid and Uruguay defender Jose Gimenez.

In the meantime, though, the additional attacking player Wenger hinted at will not be the Algerian international that many of us felt would be an intriguing addition to Arsenal. (Which should make for a pretty awkward Arsenal visit to Leicester this weekend, where a depleted defense will attempt to hold off Mahrez and summer transfer target Jamie Vardy, though Hull seems to have figured them out last week.)

There are enticing rumors floating about involving Real Madrid’s allegedly unsettled James, but Planet Futbol is already squashing that.

So, any idea on what you’d do if you were Arsene Wenger?