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Arsenal v Liverpool Player Ratings

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Wenger bought Xhaka to back up Coquelin?

We started the season fielding a lineup for a December Capital One Cup game, and it went about as well as we expected it would. Most importantly, it’s Arsenal season again so things are pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Cech - Made all the saves that didn’t matter, but none of our goalkeepers would have saved the goals Liverpool scored so it’s a wash.

Monreal - The senior member of the back line shouldn’t be your left back. Got turned out a couple of times, but it’s kind of hard to do your job while teaching two children to do theirs.

Holding - Won a lot of headers, and it isn’t his fault he had to start today. He’s new enough that I won’t savage him.

Chambers - Scored a goal, and also won a lot of headers but was mostly not very good. Should be Bellerin’s back up or on loan somewhere.

Bellerin - His hair was on fleek and he didn’t angle for a move to Barcelona this summer so Imma let this performance slide.

Elneny - This was the most erratic I have ever seen him.

Coquelin - Has evidence that Wenger is the Zodiac Killer.

Ramsey - We gave him the role he thrived in at the Euros, but without a proper preseason or defense behind him it didn’t work out quite the same. Really hope the injury that forced him off isn’t anything serious.

Walcott - Won a penalty. Missed the penalty. Scored a “nice” goal 69 seconds later to give us the lead. Then spent the rest of the day playing like a Liverpool fan.

Iwobi - The legend of Iwobi came crashing back down to earth today. Get well soon.

Alexis - Please don’t leave us...


The Ox - Came on and scored a cracking goal. Should start over Walcott next week.

Cazorla - Came on and breathed life into the side with calmness and technical quality.

Xhaka - Walked into a dumpster fire of a game and made his presence felt. One thing we learned about him today is that we will need to keep Coquelin/Elneny around to back him because he will be getting a few red cards this season.


*Bonus Rating for the Lineup I would like to rate next week

Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal, Xhaka, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis, Mahrez, Giroud