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Arsenal vs. Liverpool live stream 2016: lineups, match thread, and how to watch Premier League online

It all kicks off today!

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League
CB situation is almost this dire right now
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Hi there! It’s the first game of the season! So it’s the first match thread of the season! For those of you new to our little match threading world, we do one before every game, and it usually gets put up about an hour before kickoff, sometimes 90 minutes. And while we still have rules (no politics, no religion, be excellent to each other), these threads are a little...looser, because Game Thread Emotion is a real thing. So go (moderately) nuts!

The other rule, and this is a hard-and-fast rule that newer folks may not know, is that TSF, and SBN network-wide, policy is that discussion of, linking to, or mentioning illegal streams of games is not allowed. Whether you are OK with the concept of using illegal streams or not is not the point - the rules here are the rules, and we expect those rules to be followed. So if you have a great way to stream games that isn’t NBC, please keep it to yourself while you’re here. Thanks!

Now, on to business. The season kicks off today with Arsenal welcoming Liverpool to the Emirates; what remains to be seen is what Arsenal’s team will look like. Even though he’s theoretically on rest after the Copa, I would be very surprised if Alexis didn’t play, because if the game started and he wasn’t involved, he’d probably bolt on to the pitch all HEY GUYS WHAT ABOUT ME NOBODY TOLD ME WE WERE STARTING NOW and then score two goals.

So anyway, it’s opening day! Enjoy!

Arsenal vs. Liverpool
Premier League

Emirates Stadium, London

Sunday, August 14, 2016

HOW (to watch):
US TV: NBC Sports or online at NBC Sports Live Extra

WHO (to watch):