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Valencia’s Peter Lim in selling mood, heads to London

Arsenal and Leicester are prepared to buy his center backs.

Germany - Training & Press Conference
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Looks like this may become a Thing after all. After a week of yes-no-maybe-my-dad-says-no, Valencia majority shareholder Peter Lim got on a plane and headed to London today to, seemingly, dismantle his entire defense.

He’ll be talking to Arsenal, of course, about Shkodran Mustafi, but he will also be using his time in London to talk to Leicester City about selling them another defender, Aymen Abdennour. He’ll apparently also be inquiring with other clubs about loan deals to bring players to Spain, because Valencia’s in financial trouble but strangely enough still need a defense.

Whether one deal affects the market value of another is something that is yet to be seen - it’s well known that Arsenal really want Mustafi, so it shouldn’t matter, but Lim might be able to squeeze a few more euros out of the deal if he sells Abdennour for more than asking. If not, maybe he can get Arsenal to give him free tickets to the London Dungeon or something to sweeten the pot.

Also of note: any deal done today for Mustafi would be too late to have him play Sunday, as I believe noon Friday in London is the deadline for weekend squad setting, so the earliest he could feature is next weekend.