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Short Fuse/CFC Challenge final update

We did great! They did greater.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 5
That’s us there, silver medalists, on the left
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Well, folks, we did our damnedest. We worked our asses off, and a lot of you gave a TON of money, for which I will be forever grateful. However, CFC gave a ton to their charity as well, so tonight I bow to them as the winner of the 2016 Short Fuse/CFC Charity Challenge. Your totals:

THE SHORT FUSE: $2,411.00

I just...I Not just WOW at CFC’s win, which came on the backs of a last second comeback the likes of which their team didn’t see last year, but WOW at the fact that between our two blogs, we raised almost exactly $6,500 for our two charities.

We didn’t win, but you know what? I’m forever in all y’all’s debt, because we raised more for the MS Society in one week than I did in two months on my own prior to this. That money will be going to help families all over Oregon and SW Washington who are living with MS - it goes to research, it goes to direct aid for families, and it goes to making sure that in our lifetimes, we can finally defeat MS once and for all.

Details on the....shudder....takeover will be coming in due course, and I’m making a tattoo consult appointment at some point in the next week or two, but for now, please accept my and TSF’s thanks for everything you did and every dollar you donated, and know that your money, to whichever cause you donated this week, is going to a great cause.

Thank you all.