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Arsenal have not put in a Mahrez bid, say Sky

well, that’s interesting.

Leicester City Owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Presents Cars to His Players
Maybe Arsenal wasn’t going to give him a nice car
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Well, this is clear as mud. Following reports earlier that Leicester had rejected a £30 million bid for Riyad Mahrez, Sky Sports is now reporting that Leicester has received no £30m bid for Riyad Mahrez from Arsenal at all.

This could, on one hand, be seen as a problem; if you parse the language, though, it’s also possible that the rumored £35 million improved offer may still be forthcoming, because all the piece said was that there was no “£30 million” bid.

Mostly, It’s just another example of how confusing and complicated and opaque transfer season actually is. I mean, there may be truth to the bid story, and there may be truth to the no-bid story; we don’t really know. But, we’ll keep bringing you what we don’t know as we learn it, so that’s something.