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Arsenal bid €16m on Bruno Peres

At least according to Torino media.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you thought Arsenal was going to bid €16m for Torino's righback/right midfielder Bruno Peres? Put your hand down, dingus.

Apparently, Torino-based "Toro News" is running with the story that Arsene Wenger has lodged a bid for the club's versatile defender in search of a backup to Hector Bellerin. That backup position is currently held by Mathieu Debuchy but his form over the past year or so, and general disposition, makes it seem that he's headed out for the door and will leave the club in search of a solid number two to back up the young Spaniard.

According to some scouting reports, Peres can play on both wings and can fill in at rightback as well as a wide midfielder. He doesn't appear to be much of anything in the air and isn't an amazing ball-winner, but is a skilled dribbler and creative outlet as he's nabbed six goals and 12 assists in two years at Torino.

While this rumor came out of left field, it could make sense given the backup conundrum Wenger surely faces. Keep an eye on it in the coming days.