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Real Madrid are willing to sell Alvaro Morata

Italy v Spain - Round of 16: UEFA Euro 2016
so friendly!
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

The Alvaro Morata thing - I refuse to call it a saga, because it’s just too odd for that - roils on today, with Real Madrid saying that they’d be willing to sell the player they just bought. Not out of spite or anger, though, but because that’s the only way they can apparently afford to buy Paul Pogba from Juventus.

The particulars of the Morata story are the same - Morata wants a raise from Real, to the level of pay he was making at Juventus, and Real is balking not only at that but at the prospect of regular playing time for Morata, so both sides seem amenable to a sale.

Morata seems keen on the prospect of playing in Brexitopia, and it seems like the two main suitors for his affections are Arsenal and Chelsea. Real’s current estimated price for Morata is about €75 million, but that may go down as Real work harder on the Pogba front.

So, it’s more or less as you were, but this is the first public acknowledgement that Real are in the Alvaro Morata-selling business, so we’ll see what happens next.