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Arsenal ready to pay Lacazette’s release clause

This might be becoming a Thing after all.

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KAA Gent v Olympique Lyonnais - UEFA Champions League
those are some turqoise shoes, there
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We mentioned this morning that Arsenal would, in the absence of a bid for Alvaro Morata, throw a bunch of pounds/euros at Alexandre Lacazette instead. Well, it turns out that no matter what happens with Morata, Arsenal may be closer to throwing those monies than we thought - the Telegraph is reporting today that Arsenal are "prepared to pay the €40  million (£34.2  million) fee" that would allow them to negotiate with Lacazette for his services.

Lyon, hilariously, want to keep Lacazette so they can challenge for the Ligue 1 title, which just makes PSG go "who are you again? What did you want? Oh". Lacazette is thought to want to test his skills outside Lyon, the club in the town where he grew up, and the last time I looked, London was in fact outside Lyon, so that’d work out great for everyone!

Anyway, grains of salt and all that, and it’s important to note the amount of real estate between "Arsenal are ready to..." and "Arsenal do...", but if Arsenal are ready to pull the trigger on this deal, all that seemingly awaits is Lyon saying "we’d like some of that Premier League TV money please" and then getting down to the business of business.