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Arsenal’s 2016-17 third kit leaked

Everyone can ride their bikes with less fear

Eduardo, sad about his third kit.
This third kit was not the best.

Images of Arsenal kits for next season have been leaking on the internet for a while now (well, the images aren’t leaking, someone is leaking them, but), and now it appears that the third kit (a.k.a. “the ‘European’ one”) has leaked as well. Footyheadlines has the goods. Arsenal seem to be embracing the neon vibes with this year’s edition, and I, for one, am into it. This might make me out of touch, or perhaps overly willing to like things that others, perhaps accurately, describe as looking like a training top. I’ve been into ever third kit that the club have used in recent memory, though, except for the white one; yes, I liked last years, and I loved the blue diagonal stripe kit.

Anyhow, aside from one’s aesthetic preferences, at least Arsenal players will be less likely to be run over by an ambulance in them:

What do you all think? Are the new third kits good? Are the new third kits not good? COMMENT.