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2016/17 Arsenal kit available tonight

This season’s on-pitch fashions can be yours. For money.

2016 MLS All-Star Game: Arsenal v MLS All-Stars
You can buy this tonight. Not Wil Trapp, the Arsenal shirt. Duh.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Usually, nothing much of note happens on vacation. Someone might drink too much or eat too much or get lost on the way to the amusement park or something, but by and large, vacation is for vacationing - for washing away the dull drudgery of workaday living and for once, even if for a short time, living your dream of a life of leisure.

But not Arsenal, oh no. Arsenal are out here on the West Coast right now, as you know, and they’re in between games, having vanquished the MLS All Stars last night, and they’re in LA right now preparing for Chivas on Sunday. And while they’re there, guess what they’re doing? WORKING, that’s what:

Details are pretty sparse as to the whens and wheres - from the comments on that tweet, it sounds like there’s an event tonight at 8, and it seems like it might be at the Puma store in Santa Monica, but that venue isn’t really confirmed, so don’t show up in Santa Monica at 8 and get mad if nothing’s happening at the Puma store. If you do go there and nothing’s happening at the Puma store, go to the beach instead. The beach is lovely.