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Wojciech Szczesny to be loaned to Roma

With an option for a permanent transfer being available to the Italian club.

Adam Nurkiewicz/Getty Images

As most everyone knows, Wojciech Szczesny spent last season on loan at Roma, due to Arsene Wenger signing Petr Cech to be his number one keeper in the hope of taking the next step across all competitions. This was a good move on two parts as it strengthened Arsenal while providing Szczesny starting minutes for a Champions League side. Szczesny, for the most part, had a solid season with the Italian side and it now appears that a permanent move might be on the horizon following a second loan spell.

It remains to be seen how plugged in this Romano fellow is when it comes to Roma's dealings, I mean, Roma's title is in his danged name, but he does seem to have a decent track record of employers so the odds seem to be in favor of such a loan. Given Cech will remain the surefire starter for at least another season, such a loan again makes sense for both parties and in the event of a sale €16M is not a bad sum for someone many fans viewed as talented but highly error-prone.

Stay tuned for more.