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Arsenal to make improved bid for Lacazette

It seems as though the club are willing to go to at least 40 million euros after 35 million didn’t do the job.

Sporting CP v Lyon - Friendly Match Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

According to a journalist at L’Equipe, France’s sporting newspaper of record, Arsenal are set to improve upon their €35 million bid that we wrote about earlier today:

Olympique Lyonnais, as one might expect, have more or less said that Lacazette is not for sale, but that’s never stopped anyone from selling just about anything in the history of commerce when a big enough pile of cash comes over the transom (yes, I know what a transom is. No, I don’t know how one would fit a large pile of cash over one. Unless it’s a transom on a boat, which has no vertical lim)—sorry.

If what M. Ghazi is reporting is indeed true, this transfer could be getting closer to done, or else it could become one of those where Arsenal keep poking up the euros bit by bit until they reach some theoretical breaking point. It doesn’t seem that they are giving up any time soon, however, and we will continue to keep everyone posted.