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Per Mertesacker facing 5 month injury layoff

According to reports, the Arsenal stand-in captain could be out for 5 months.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

There was chatter yesterday that Per Mertesacker's knee injury was more serious than first reported, with Kike Marin, among others, reporting that Mertesacker faced a 5-month absence. Today, Sky Sports joins the chorus of reports, with Sky "understanding" that Mertesacker will be out for up to 5 months, with an announcement to be made in the next 48 hours. If true, it would leave Arsenal with only Calum Chambers the only fit centre back with top flight experience in the side, with Laurent Koscielny yet to return from summer holiday after reaching the European Championship final, and Gabriel absent with crapness tonsillitis.

Rob Holding signed last week, but it would be rash to expect him and Calum Chambers to hold the fort without reinforcing the defence. With that in mind, expect there to be a raft of rumours linking Arsenal to signing a new centre back, with one already coming to surface in Shkodran Mustafi, who not only looks like Per Mertesacker, but is good, like Per Mertesacker.