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The smoke thickens: Icardi’s agent in London

The thing that wasn’t a thing may be a thing.

FC Internazionale Milano v Empoli FC - Serie A
the tall one second from right, not the short one in front
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Well well well. Despite all Inter’s protestations to the contrary, it would appear that Mauro Icardi does fancy a move, and London would seem fairly high on his list of destinations.

Reports today from Gianluca di Marzio (importantly, not the man himself, but one of his associates, so...grain of salt) indicate that Icardi’s wife Wanda Nara, who is also his agent, was in London “alongside her collaborators for a meeting with Arsenal”.

The Inter captain and scorer of 16 goals last season has been rumored to be Arsenal-bound in the last few days, but those rumors seemed...sketchy at best. Today’s addition to that sketchy rumor isn’t much more substantive - after all, Ms. Nara could be in London to see the awesome Christy Moore on Thursday night, or the stage play of 1984 that’s getting great reviews, or maybe she just wanted to take a vacation.

My point? There’s nothing really of substance in the linked article, but if she was acting as an agent and not as a tourist, it could get interesting pretty fast.