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Francis Coquelin relishing competition from Granit Xhaka

I mean, what else is he supposed to say?

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelinspeaking to the club's dot com, said that he welcomes the competition for starting spots that new signing Granit Xhaka will be bringing to the team this year and beyond:

"It’s Arsenal Football Club, we know we’re going to sign quality players," Coquelin said.

"I saw him in the Euros and he’s a good passer of the ball, he’s strong and good in the air so I think he’s going to add quality and strength to the squad and that’s a good thing."

Coquelin is taking up the role that Olivier Giroud's played over the past couple summers - a good teammate who looks forward to a good, internal competition for places in the lineup that new signings bring to the squad.

However, that's where the similarities between Coquelin's comments and Giroud's comments end. Whereas Giroud, decisive as he is among supporters, has utility and technique that is capable of enhancing the play on the pitch, Coquelin would have to severely transform the rest of his game if he is to be considered a weekly option for Arsene Wenger now that Xhaka arrived.

In addition, Coquelin will also be facing off for valuable matchday spots with last winter's signing Mohamed Elneny, whose later performances towards the end of the season looked more composed and valuable to the overall play of the squad, along with Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere.

This is not to say that Francis Coquelin doesn't serve a purpose. It's that his strengths are such that simply cannot override the many traits and abilities that his fellow midfield teammates provide. Because of that, while the competition for spots is something he looks forward to, I think we all know how it's going to end.