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Rob Holding: wandering to London?

Arsenal make a move for an England U21 player.

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I searched for “Bolton”, it gave me this
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers finished last in the Championship last year, compiling 30 points from 46 matches, and are getting set to start this season in the absurdly named League One.

Of course, whenever a team gets relegated from any level, the best players on that team have a decision to make - stay and play at a lower level, or leave and maintain the level of play they are accustomed to. Many players have out clauses in their contracts to cover this eventuality, as well, making it really easy for them to leave with little acrimony.

I don’t know whether Bolton’s Rob Holding, a 20 year old defender, has such a clause in his contract, but what I do know is that Arsenal are reportedly signing him; they went to Bolton with an offer which was rejected, and then came back with a better offer, which has reportedly been accepted by his club.

All that remains now, seemingly, is for Rob to turn his head and cough for a doctor, and then agree to personal terms with Arsenal. If all goes well, apparently the England U21 international will be a Gunner in the very near future.