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Roma still want Sczcesny

Arsenal’s former #1 is trying to find a way to stay in Rome.

Poland v Northern Ireland - Group C: UEFA Euro 2016
probably not coming back
Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

Arsenal’s loaned-out Polish goalkeeper played well enough for Roma last year that they want to sign him permanently. But a deal between Wojciech Szczesny and the Serie A club is proving...elusive.

The Roma manager will only say that the club are “working on” Szcz, which makes him sound like a used car that needs a tuneup. But, instead of an oil change and new wipers, they’re probably haggling over money, like people and clubs always do in these things.

Szcz was a definite plus for Roma last season, and with Petr Cech firmly ensconced in goal at Arsenal, I hope that Szcz gets a permanent deal there - he seems to like being there, they like having him, so it’s kind of a win-win for him to stay there.