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Thierry Henry picks TV over Arsenal

The legendary striker will have to do his coaching training elsewhere.

UEFA Euro 2016 - Previews Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Thierry Henry has been at Arsenal for a while now getting his coaching career off the ground, mostly working with the youth players and reserve teams, but it appears his time at the club is coming to a close – for the moment, at least.

Arsène Wenger offered Henry a position coaching the Arsenal under-18 team, but Henry told Wenger that it wasn’t possible for him to both do that and continue with his role(s) as a television analyst. According to the BBC, he “was not prepared to give up his media work” and, therefore, he rejected the position – which will instead be filled by fellow statue-haver Tony Adams.

If Henry decides he still wants to pursue his Pro License, he’ll evidently need to find another team to coach. It’s not 100% clear why he didn’t simply stay in the role he was in last year, but honestly it doesn’t really matter that much where Henry works while he gets his badges, so more power to him if he wants to do it somewhere else. Personally I was hoping he’d just quit the TV stuff so he could quit having to drop Hot Takes, but you can’t always get what you want.