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Lyon president: Arsenal haven’t asked about Lacazette

One thing I’ve learned: if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

FC Metz v Olympique Lyonnais - Ligue 1
He’d look better in red.
Photo by Kaz Photography/Getty Images

Everyone’s in France these days for the Euros - players are playing with their national teams, and a bunch of coaches and other backroom staff are there either scouting, broadcasting, or just taking it all in. Arsene Wenger is there as well, and it appears he had a bit of a chat with Lyon’s president Jean-Michel Aulas the other day.

Now, we weren’t in the room, obviously, and also Arsene and Arsenal have a vested interest in generally keeping transfer stuff quiet, but Aulas is one person who should know if something’s going on, right? So when he tells L’Equipe "I saw Arsene [Wenger, Arsenal manager] during France matches and he has not told me" anything about Arsenal’s otherwise-reported interest in Alexandre Lacazette, it makes me go hmmm.

Now granted, there’s still a lot of time left in the window for that particular conversation to start happening, if it’s going to, but at least as of today, Lacazette will seemingly be staying at Lyon, unless Lyon’s president is reeeeeeallly out of the loop with his own team.