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Giroud: Jamie Vardy wants to join Arsenal

Arsenal's current striker seems to be cool with the idea of adding another striker.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

At this point, I'd imagine Olivier Giroud hates summer. And probably January as well. It seems like every transfer window ends up with Arsenal being rumored to buy a striker, and the Frenchman has to react to it. It can't be very fun.

Anyway, it's happening again, and as usual Giroud is handling it like a professional. When asked about the potential of Jamie Vardy joining Arsenal after scoring two goals of his own for France in a friendly against Scotland, Giroud called it "good news."

I have been told that Jamie wants to join us and it's very good news for us. I think we can be complimentary and that's all I can say. He's a fantastic player, so it's good news for us.

In addition, he went on to say that a move like this was not a shock to him.

As I said in the past I am happy with competition. We have always had fantastic strikers at Arsenal and I want the best for this club. Hopefully he is going to help us win this title. The boss wanted to sign at least one or two strikers, so I expected a top striker and I think it will benefit the club and hopefully he is going to score a lot of goals like he did at Leicester.

Giroud is, of course, unwilling to give up his starting spot without a fight. When asked whether Vardy might bring a change in Arsenal's tactics, he joked "obviously four-four-two." Hey, it could happen.