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Copa America open thread

It's Copa Day!

that smile
that smile
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Today sees the opening match of the Copa America Centenario, a 16 team tournament usually featuring Central and South American teams which this year also includes the US. The tournament will culminate in the final on June 26th in East Rutherford, New Jersey; tonight's opening match is in Santa Clara, and it sees Darlington Nagbe and a bunch of randos taking on Colombia, with one David Ospina in goal. Colombia also features James Rodriguez, the living, breathing small sample size warning who so impressed in Rio in 2014 but has so very not since; he's an exciting player who just can't seem to put it together at club level.

The US...well, they're what they are, aren't they? the name Jurgen Klinsmann is as freighted to fans of the US team as the name Arsene Wenger is to Arsenal fans; there's no such thing as a rational debate about Klinsmann these days, because everyone has hardened their opinions into intractable narratives at this point.

So anyway, with that as background - it's game day! We'll be doing open threads for this tournament as well as for the European Championships starting next week, so you'll be able to follow all your Arsenal favorites, plus David Ospina.

US v. Colombia
Copa America Centenario, Group A
Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
Friday, June 3rd, 2016
6.30 PM PT/9.30 PM ET
US TV: Fox Sports 1
Worldwide info: