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Roma can’t agree terms with Szcz, so he returns to London

He might not stay long, but it sounds like his time in Rome is done.

Poland v Northern Ireland - Group C: UEFA Euro 2016
Where will he land?
Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

After Arsenal signed Petr Cech last summer, their incumbent number one, Wojciech Szczesny, was loaned to AS Roma, where by all accounts he was a good fit - he quickly became their first choice keeper, and he played so well that both Rudi Garcia, the manager who brought him to Rome, and Garcia’s successor Luciano Spalletti wanted to keep him permanently.

With Cech firmly established as Arsenal’s keeper now, it seemed an easy enough thing that Szcz would stay in Rome, even if only on another loan, but today comes word that it may not be as done a deal as was originally thought.

It seems that Roma are “struggling” to come up with terms that are acceptable to Arsenal, who paid a chunk of Szcz’s wages last year and would, presumably, like Roma to take on more of his salary if they keep him for another year, or make a good enough offer that they can purchase him outright.

But, as of now, neither of those things have happened, so we may see the big Pole back in London, albeit briefly, as Arsenal ponder their next move for him.