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Arsène Wenger (and David Ornstein): Jamie Vardy is probably staying at Leicester

Just more evidence it's time to move on from this whole thing.

"yes, it is time for Plan B I would say"
"yes, it is time for Plan B I would say"
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

In an interview with a Chinese television station, Arsène Wenger has said that as we've mostly come to expect at this point, Jamie Vardy is probably not coming to Arsenal.

If for whatever reason you can't listen to that, here's the money quote:

Jamie Vardy' the moment at Leicester, and on what I know, he will stay at Leicester.

After that interview dropped yesterday, we then had this come this morning from the Ornacle:

As with basically every part of this Transfer Saga so far, this is likely to elicit a mixed response. But whether you're mad about not getting a probably good player or happy about avoiding a guy who's been known to throw around a racial slur from time to time, it looks pretty safe to say Jamie Vardy's not going to be an Arsenal player next season. On to the next one, I suppose.