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Ricardo Rodriguez is leaving Wolfsburg

The highly-rated defender is looking for a new home

Albania v Switzerland - Group A: UEFA Euro 2016
He broke his tent
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

This morning comes news that Ricardo Rodriguez, the highly rated left back currently playing at Wolfsburg, no longer wants to be currently playing at Wolfsburg. According to German website Blick, with some help from Google Translate:

It is definitely: Nati left-back Ricardo Rodriguez breaks his tents in Wolfsburg from. Does he go to Rome, Madrid or London?

Now, I may not know a whole lot about how the business of soccer works, but I do know that when a player breaks his tents, there’s no going back from that. A tent-breaking is serious business, and while the club doesn't take it personally, I think it’s clear to everyone involved that once the tent is broken, it can never be unbroken.

In all seriousness, though, this should interest Arsenal; Rodriguez is a very good defender, and while Arsenal’s defense isn’t the worst in the league - in fact, in terms of goals allowed, it was joint second best - their proclivity to give up the occasional derpy goal is something that a deeper back line could help rectify.

It is believed that Wolfsburg’s failure to qualify for the Champions League has activated a £20 million release clause in Rodriguez’ contract; for a defender of his quality, that’s a freaking great deal. Unfortunately, Real Madrid are also sniffing around, so if Arsene is interested, he should do what he did with Alexis in 2014 and sign Rodriguez before his Euro 2016 is over.