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Thierry Henry can’t understand Jamie Vardy’s reluctance either

The Arsenal legend weighs in on Jamie Vardy and his reluctance to move.

Leicester City v Everton - Premier League
he could do this at Arsenal too
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

We know. It’s a tedious story by now, and none of us really understand why Jamie Vardy doesn’t just make a decision already - whichever way he chooses - and be done with it. Well, now we've got some celebrity company in our bemusement, because no other than one Thierry Henry weighed in on the issue today.

Speaking to BBC Radio Five Live today (TRIGGER WARNING: Auto-play audio), Henry said:

"All I can say is if I was playing for Leicester and I had Arsenal coming, and I'm 29, I would have gone. But I'm not Jamie Vardy."

The nuance that Henry’s missing, of course, is that Leicester are the reigning league champion; even still, you get his point. He also expressed a similar concern to that of a few of us about Vardy’s playing style and whether it would actually mesh with Arsene Wenger’s style of play:

I have my question marks about if he can play in the last third when teams are waiting for you.

In the same interview, former Leeds player and England international Danny Mills said that he would have “walked to Arsenal” had he been given the chance.

In this day and age of financial ridiculousness for all English clubs, I don’t think it’s as cut and dried anymore as “big player always moves from smaller club to bigger club automatically”, particularly in Leicester’s case as title-holders. All the same, it would seem that Arsenal would be an appealing destination for a lot of reasons; now that the Leicesters of the world can afford to pay Arsenal-level wages, though, “appealing destination” might not be enough for a big fish to want to leave a small pond.