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Arsenal expand commercial partnerships in the best way

Arsenal announced a partnership with a winemaker today.

Pre-game preparation, Arsenal style
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today, on what could charitably be described as a “slow news day”, Arsenal announced their most recent commercial partnership - one that is near and dear to my booze-addled heart:

That’s right, Arsenal now have an official wine partner to help class up the joint. Santa Rita is a Chilean wine that I must admit that I have never had - but now will seek out. Hopefully it’s a favorite of Alexis Sanchez.

Anyway, this is not really a big deal in the scheme of things, but it made me think - Portland is a huge beer city, and Oregon is a huge wine producing state. It seems like there’s a ton of opportunity for Arsenal to partner up - since I know most of Arsenal’s front office reads this site*, and since Arsenal have the wine thing sorted for now (although there’s a couple winemakers I know that would LOVE to work with you, Arsenal!) here are some suggestions for possible sponsorship deals with Portland beer makers (or “pairings” as the snobby food people would call them):

Lompoc Proletariat Red: it's right there in the name! Red is Arsenal’s color! Also, “Proletariat” is a great endorsement opportunity for those of us who can’t afford to fly Emirates Airline or wear Jean-Richard watches.

Cascade Honey Ginger Lime Sour: Like Arsenal, it’s only available at its source. It can’t be bottled, because it’s so alive that bottling would ruin it. It’s fresh, it's bright, it's exciting; it's everything a beer should be.

Ex Novo Dynamic Duo: like Arsenal's own duo of Alexis and Mesut, this IIPA always comes at you with something new, every time you face it.

Culmination Vic Secret IPA: Because Vic Akers reads The Short Fuse.

Baerlic Invincible IPA: duh

Commons Biere de Garde: A beer brewed as a tribute to the farmhouse styles of Northern France, Arsene Wenger’s old ‘hood.

There’s probably a bunch more, too, but those are ones that leap quickly to mind. Clearly, Arsenal would be nuts to pass this sponsorship goldmine up - maybe when they’re in the States next month they could pop up to Portland and I’d be happy to show them around to some of Portland’s best beer spots.

*I do not know this