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Where there's smoke: Theo Walcott to West Ham?

Maybe, but probably not.

all the kids call him ballhead and it makes him sad
all the kids call him ballhead and it makes him sad
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Oh, it's flying fast and furious now. Noted Hillsborough deniers The Sun are saying that Theo Walcott is on the verge of signing with West Ham, with noted horrible source saying the same.  Both of them are saying this without any sort of corroboration or attribution, though, so while I'm comfortable thinking that Walcott may in fact leave this summer - and I'm not all that bothered by it - I'm not going to sit here and tell you that he's definitely going to West Ham, because again, the two sources (or three, if you count Goal dot com) that are "reporting" this news have about as much credibility as my cats when it comes to these things.

This lovely time of year is also complicated by seeing things like the thing where Ray Wilkins, former England international, is saying that in his opinion Theo Walcott should leave Arsenal, despite Wilkins not knowing anything about Walcott or having any connection to the club whatsoever. He thinks Jack Wilshere should stay, though, so.

I hate transfer rumors and the transfer season hasn't even started yet.