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Arsenal v Man City Player Ratings

We used to lose games like this by several goals, but for some reason this doesn't feel any better.

Me too Manuel. Me too.
Me too Manuel. Me too.
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Cech - Leads the league in goalkeeping stats, but it always seems like he should be saving the ones that actually get past him.

Monreal - He's been solid & regular even when everyone around him is playing like a wet fart, so I'll point out his hockey assist for Alexis's goal instead of complaining about it being his most wet-farty game of the season.

Koscielny - "He's been our third worst player this half of the season."

Gabriel - God save us if he is the future of Arsenal's central defense.

Bellerin - He's got bigger plans than the Euros this summer...

Elneny - He works his socks off, he has a great pass completion rate, and seems like a good guy - but it's pretty disheartening that he has been our player of the month twice in a row.

Ramsey - Looks scatterbrained as a #8/holding midfield player, so it's no surprise that he can't get into the midfield three when more players are fit.

Iwobi - He has been a bright spot in the second half of the season, but I think we would have been better with an Elneny-Coquelin holding midfield and Ramsey in the attacking midfield role.

Alexis - I love how much he hates losing, but he isn't equipped to be the best player (bar Ozil) on a Premier League title winning team. I think we should let him handle the transfer budget this summer.

Giroud - Done nothing since January, but gets goal and an assist. With the injury to Welbeck we're going to need more of the same from him next weekend. I might be the only guy who will miss him if he leaves in the summer. Unless we sign Aubameyang...

Welbeck - DAT POOR GUY


Wilshere - "Charlie Adam with talent," is kind of harsh but he did look more like a soccer player than a footballer today. I'm sure he'll regain his fitness at the Euros and come back just in time to get injured in the preseason.

Coquelin - A haiku for the man who saved our midfield 18 months ago...

Francis, oh Francis

Last season's revelation

Not so good this year

Walcott -