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Report: Alexis Sanchez Arsenal future in doubt?

Matt Law of the Telegraph has some bad news.

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Happy Friday everyone! Hey, the weekend is almost here. Everything is great.

Except when it isn't.

Matt Law of the Telegraph (remember, he's reliable!) is reporting that Arsenal and Alexis Sanchez are not currently on the same page with regards to a contract extension for the Chilean superstar. Law reports some frustration regarding the current situation from all parties, Alexis, Wenger, and his teammates. Here are some relevant snippets:

Sánchez’s feelings boiled over last week in the victory over Norwich, when he was replaced by Francis Coquelin in the 84th minute. The Daily Telegraph can now reveal Sánchez not only headed straight down the tunnel without acknowledging Wenger, but then stormed out of the stadium.

Hmm, well that just sounds like a one-off frustration. Maybe nothing to see here?

The incident was a culmination of weeks of tension surrounding Sánchez, who has struggled to consistently reproduce the brilliant form of his first season at the club.

Wenger tried to gloss over the Chile international’s reaction, insisting he was simply demonstrating his desire to play. But, privately, the Frenchman is understood to be unimpressed. The atmosphere between them is believed to have been frosty in training this week, although Sánchez is expected to start against Manchester City on Sunday.

Wait, weeks? And Wenger isn't happy. Oh no...

It is not the first time that Sánchez has made it clear he is not entirely happy, and that does not gone down well with some team-mates.

His teammates aren't happy either? Well, crap.

The response of Arsenal fans to this season's disappointment has been well-reported, but this is the first real look at internal tension caused by the Gunners' inability to maintain a serious title challenge. Certainly, keeping players like Alexis and Mesut Ozil happy should be priority number one for the club. With two years left on both of their contracts, it is key for the club to find some way to get them locked up long-term.

Early in the season, when spirits were high, there were reports that both would sign extensions shortly. Well, a lot has changed since then. If we cannot get pen to paper this summer, that puts even more pressure on next season's results, as it will likely be do-or-die for their Arsenal careers. With both nearing the tail end of their prime years, they will certainly demand silverware before committing their futures to the club.