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Flamini on his way to Greece?

Yes, if you believe this report.

why does he look afraid of the ball
why does he look afraid of the ball
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

When he's not solving the world's energy problems, Mathieu Flamini dabbles in playing football. He doesn't dabble all that well, mind you, but he does dabble. His game doesn't suit Arsenal's style of play, which is kind of a problem, and for at least a couple seasons now, many of us have wanted to see the back of the Flamster and also grit our teeth every time he takes the field, which is far more often than we'd like.

Well, we got word earlier this season that he wouldn't be offered a new Arsenal contract, and now, today comes word that he's been shopped around. Today's potential customer? Occasional Champions League foe and third-place Greek side Panathinaikos, at least according to the Daily Cannon. I have little to no knowledge of the Greek league except those occasional Champions League forays, but really what it comes down to for me is that I don't wish Flam ill at all, and I hope he finds a home somewhere that suits him, because Arsenal is not that place.