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Granit Xhaka to change shirt numbers (already)

Turns out he won't be donning the 16 after all

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

It was reported last week that new Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka would be donning the number 16 on the back of his jersey. If you bought a shiny new Xhaka 16 you may want to take a deep breath because it turns out that the player had different plans in mind and the club thus announced a numbers change today.

According to the club's website:

The number has special significance for him as it is the reverse of his year of birth - 92.

We had previously announced he would be wearing No 16. Supporters who ordered shirts with his name and the original number via Arsenal Direct or in Arsenal stores will have their shirts automatically printed with the new number.

That's... interesting? Either way, Granit Xhaka is your new 29 so go do your civic duty and fuel the fires of capitalism by buying his jersey today.