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Hector Bellerin to join Spain's European Championship team

Injuries suck, but they're also an opportunity.

The game was in 2016 but the shirt looks to be from 1994
The game was in 2016 but the shirt looks to be from 1994
David Ramos/Getty Images

After a pretty good season overall, Hector Bellerin was expecting to get a nice refreshing vacation. Maybe go to the Canary Islands for a while, or maybe go crazy and take some friends to South Beach or, now that he's 21, to Las Vegas; get some sun, chill, have a few drinks, and recharge the ol' batteries for a while, you know. The usual.

But no! Our Hector is the most recent callup to a Euro 2016 squad, after this weekend's injury to Dani Carvajal. Carvajal injured his calf in Real Madrid's Champions League win over Atletico at the weekend, and now, to replace him in the squad, Vicente del Bosque has called up Hector to the team.

It's never great when a player goes down injured, but for Hector, it's a good opportunity to get some time with the national team and hopefully make a good showing of it in the next few weeks. And please, please come back uninjured.