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Calum Chambers may be loaned out next season

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Go spend a season getting better, Cal
Go spend a season getting better, Cal
Harry Trump/Getty Images

Calum Chambers came over from Southampton in 2014 as maybe not the second coming of the legendary Arsenal back four, but as a pretty highly rated defender. It's fair to say, though, that he hasn't quite developed as we've probably all hoped he would; he's not terrible, but he's not becoming the player we thought he might at the rate we probably all feel like he should.

So this weekend, Arsenal let the rest of the Premier League know that Chambers would be available for a loan spell this coming season, as Arsenal look to upgrade their defense by picking up a Kalidou Koulibaly or someone similar.

I think a loan spell would be good for Cal - this season had to be a pretty big dent in his confidence, and if he can get regular playing time in a less-pressurized environment, his development can't help but improve, and hopefully he can return in 2017/18 ready to be a regular part of another legendary Arsenal defensive corps.