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Thank you TSF readers!

Thank you for, uh, being more than you were!

nightmare fuel
nightmare fuel
Adam Pretty/Getty Images

This has, as we all know, been a tough season. It's been tough to watch for stretches, it's been tough to read about, and sometimes, it's been tough to write about. But fortunately, you've all stuck around to, uh, enjoy? Commiserate? Hate-read? Whatever the reason, not only have you stuck around, there's more of you than there were.

Readership is up, page views are up, all the nerdy dork internet stats are up - and at the very end of a season where so much has not gone according to plan, and where a lot of folks have probably and understandably checked out, we want you to know that we appreciate the fact that you stick around and that you make TSF one of your daily habits.

We've started doing some new things around match days - the crowdsourced player ratings, the one-line player ratings, the Parting Shots - and hopefully you find them useful and fun. We've also added some new folks, and we may be doing a bit more of that over the summer, so stay tuned.

We're going to be spending the summer not just covering the incessant bleating of the transfer market, but developing new ideas to post and new features and all that good stuff, so in a sense we're just getting rolling - and hopefully you'll all be along for the ride with your ideas and your comments and your general awesomeness.

We're not done with this season yet, by any means, but with the league being decided, this seemed like a good time to say thank you, so...thank you!