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Cannon Fodder News and Links: Brotherly love

Footballing news for Friday, May 27, 2016.

Mika Volkmann/Getty Images

Complicated homeland(s): Of brotherly duels… :: Baraž
Xhaka brothers will be on opposite sides on June 11th, when Switzerland meet Albania at the Euro 2016. Dario Brentin writes about how this game will be not just about three points, but also about social change and new national realities.

The Champions League anthem just sets us up for a letdown
It's serious, dramatic and moving, composed to showcase a tournament filled with such moments. Yet the final rarely lives up to the Champions League anthem.

FA Cup quarter-final replays scrapped | Daily Cannon
The FA have announced that there will be no replays in the FA Cup for quarter-final games from next year.

Watch: Podolski wins Turkish Cup for Galatasaray | Daily Cannon
If there’s one thing we all know Lukas Podolski can do, it’s finish.

Basel get £5m windfall after Xhaka transfer | Daily Cannon

Swiss side, FC Basel, are set to rake in around £5m (7.6m Swiss Francs) from the transfer of Granit Xhaka to Arsenal.