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Aaron Ramsey reiterates a desire to play in Spain

One day in the (very distant, hopefully) future, the Arsenal midfielder can envision himself playing in Spain's top league.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Aaron Ramsey, speaking to Marca recently, restated his wish to one day play in La Liga:

Barca play very good football and Arsenal want to do the same.

I’ve said it before: I would love to someday play in La Liga, in one of the greats. I see their league each week. It suits my style.

Maybe I will someday, who knows what will happen in the future?

As disheartening as it is to see a quote like this there's very little here to suggest a) Ramsey is fed up with life at Arsenal and wants a change, b) that he's upset to the point of angling for a move away, and c) this is breaking news.

He's been quoted many times in the past about a long-standing wish to one day play in Spain, which is normal. Many players can one day see their future somewhere else. Very rare is the player who stays at one club his entire career. Perhaps one day Ramsey does indeed leave for Spain. The club will move on, as sad as that departure would be.

But in the short term? Next season? He's an Arsenal player through and through. There's nothing contained in the above passage to hint of a displeasure, and I'm sure the overall relationship between Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal is sound and healthy.

There might be more rumors this summer linking him to a move to Spain, but as of right now there's virtually nothing to worry about.