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Arsenal have very little debt, lots of money

Preliminary figures! Exciting!

You're welcome
You're welcome
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Because everything in sports is about money these days, the Guardian has released some high-level financials for each club in the Premier League. These figures are for the season ending in May 2015, so these numbers are a year old. I would assume at some point that the always excellent Swiss Ramble will cover Arsenal's current finances in more detail, but for now, here's a few highlights:

- Arsenal's net debt is (debt minus cash held at the bank) is £6 million, with annual interest (presumably stadium construction) payments of £14 million, for a total debt of £20 million. This is fairly low in relation to Liverpool (£95 million), Manchester United (£255m), and Chelsea (an eye-popping £1.1 BILLION, albeit that's all to one dude), but there are a few smaller clubs with zero debt, so Arsenal doesn't top this particular table.

- Arsenal's wages as a proportion of their turnover are at 56%. This is on the low end of the league spectrum, ranking fourth behind Newcastle United at 50%, Manchester United at 51%, and Tottenham at 52%. None of them, however, hold a candle to Aston Villa at 72% (that didn't work out so well!), Swansea at 80%, and QPR,at a staggering 85% of turnover.

- Arsenal's wages are fourth-highest in the league at £192 million, proving once again that total wage spend, not transfer spend, is a better correlation to league position (remember, these figures are from 2014/15).

When you look over all the clubs and all their numbers, it's once again clear that Arsenal are one of the best-run clubs in the Premier League; despite our quibbles about how much of the club's surplus cash should be spent, Arsenal just bought Granit Xhaka, so.