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Is this Francis Coquelin's new kit number?

A new video on Arsenal player drops a hint.

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The big news out of Arsenal FC today is, obviously, the signing of Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach. But, have they slyly released Coquelin's new kit number as well?

Many Arsenal fans already know that Xhaka's preferred kit number is 34. Arsenal fans likely also know that number is currently occupied, by one Francis Coquelin. Xhaka joked as far back as January that he'd already spoken to Coquelin about changing numbers, should he join Arsenal. In fact, Xhaka even has a tattoo of the number 34 on his back:

⚽️3️⃣4️⃣⚽️ #Xhaka #GX34

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Today, Arsenal released a video promo of Xhaka's signing. Check it out:

At the end, the video cuts from Granit Xhaka juggling the ball with his foot and smiling in his new kit to one of those standard clips you see at the end of videos asking you to click here if you want to see more videos. The clip features Francis Coquelin, who is very clearly and obviously not wearing his regular kit number 34 - he's actually wearing number 27! Here's a screenshot I took of the video:

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That training top is from this season, so it's not an old clip. Maybe I'm just being a bit of conspiracy theorist. Is Francis Coquelin taking number 27 so that Granit Xhaka can take number 34? Only time can tell.