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Where is Granit Xhaka's best fit at Arsenal?

Now that he's here, let's figure out how to use him.

As a Portlander I approve of Granit's strong ink game
As a Portlander I approve of Granit's strong ink game
Mika Volkmann/Getty Images

The signing we've all been waiting for has happened. Granit Xhaka is an Arsenal player. That's the easy part. Now, we need to figure out where he works best in the Arsenal side he currently has with him. Well, "we" don't need to figure it out - Arsene doesn't crowdsource, and there's no world in which we're coaches or Premier League level squad builders.

I guess the better way to put that question is, where would you like to see Xhaka play? Do you see him as a strictly defensive midfielder, disrupting opposition attacks and starting subsequent Arsenal moves with solid passing - a Vieira/Petit-esque role that Arsenal have needed for a long time? Or do you see him as a more flowing, attacking midfield presence that is an integral part of any Arsenal forward move?

For me, I'd love to see him playing a sort of double pivot with Aaron Ramsey, with Wilshere (if healthy) pushing out to the wing. But I'm no master strategist - I'm more interested in what you have to say about it. So, what's your ideal look for next year's Arsenal starting XI?