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FA Cup Final/weekend viewing open thread

Up the Palace!

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

This morning sees the playing of the 135th FA Cup final, between Manchester United and Crystal Palace, at Wembley Stadium. Since Arsenal aren't playing, we're not really going to cover it in any depth, but we figured that people will probably be watching and that if so, you might want a place to talk about it. So here is one.

I may or may not watch, but I absolutely have a preference who wins, unlike most non-Arsenal cup finals. If Manchester United win, they'll draw level with Arsenal in the FA Cups won department, with 12. So yeah, I'm all about Palace winning this game, which if I'm being honest they probably won't.

In the US, the game's on Fox - not Fox Sports 1, but the same over-the-air Fox that shows Bob's Burgers, which is a show you should be watching because it's really damn funny. Not in the US? Here's how to watch, wherever you are.

There's also the Coppa Italia final, at 11.45AM PT, a whole slew of The MLS action, and a TSF Contributor Bragging Rights match between Indy Eleven and Minnesota United on the menu. So whatever you're watching, if you want to talk about it, this is the place.