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Arsenal third kit for 2016/17 leaked

The merch parade marches on!

Jack is unsure of his thoughts on the new shirt
Jack is unsure of his thoughts on the new shirt
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Modern sports has conditioned us to believe that you can't enjoy sports without buying stuff. And they've done that well - just in the time I've been an Arsenal fan, replica kit has gone from a rare, hard to find thing made of extremely flammable and probably toxic polyester that wouldn't actually survive a good sweat, let alone an encounter with soap and water, to basically being the same thing that the athletes themselves wear on the pitch.

While the more...extreme end of this merch fetish leads people to go all Full Kit Wanker (seriously - never do this), the more reasonable among us just buy themselves a shirt and call it good. Teams know this and cultivate it, and put out at least one new shirt every year.

The latest Arsenal kit to leak for next year is the rumored third kit - and the leak is from footyheadlines, which most likely means it's the real thing. I am not a big purchaser of shirts, but I actually kinda like this one - the obnoxious yellow doesn't dominate, and the base blue is pretty solid. It's not too busy, and it's got clean lines, which is always good in a shirt.

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