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Italian sources claim Arsenal to bid for Alvaro Morata

While Arsenal might be in the market for a striker, it's still too early to say there's truly something going on with them and Alvaro Morata

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Last week, our very own bozz brought you news that, according to the GuardianArsenal was going to purchase Juventus striker Alvaro Morata once Real Madrid activated their buy-out clause of their former player. Today, another rumor has surfaced regarding Morata, this one emanating from Italy's Corriere dello Sport indicating that Arsenal are willing to pay Real an eye-watering €65 million (£50.2 million):

(translated) Right now the Real would virtually at hand a good bearing to bring the collection: Alvaro Morata. That Juve would confirm and instead want to take back to Madrid, taking advantage of the clause recompra, having already had the buyer: the latest offer Arsenal is 65 million Euros, roughly twice as much as the blancos they should turn to Juve.

Obviously where there is smoke, there is fire. But if Real activate their rumored £30 million clause to bring back Morata only to sell him later on, there needs to be a move made on their end to bring in a new striker knowing they have an aging (and possibly soon-to-be jailed) Karim Benzema. There are Robert Lewandowski-to-Real rumors abound, but that move also hinges on Carlo Ancelotti being able to replace such a player - not an easy task for the first-year Bayern Munich manager.

Like most summers, the striker market is dependent on many subsequent rumors to fall in place, and while all the stories suggest this might be an active window we're not exactly confident everything will align for once and for all in order to see a guy like Alvaro Morata come to Arsenal.

But like rumors before, stay tuned. There will certainly be more to come.